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The online casino rating is something we work on especially hard and for a long time. The first lines of our white list are occupied only by proven and worthy Internet casinos. Impeccable reputation and safety is what matters to us first. Lists of the top 100 best casinos can differ significantly on different information sites. Sometimes the same casino can occupy the top lines of the rating on one site and the bottom lines on the other. And that 's quite normal. In our rating of online casinos, we have collected only those online establishments that we believe respond to a high level of security, reliability and honesty. We will never recommend an establishment with poor player feedback and no license, so here you can choose a good online casino, enjoy playing license slots, and withdraw funds if you win.

TOP UK online casino of 2020

How much time we spend on it

We spend about 20 hours studying one casino. In case the casino has an impressive track record, it can take a lot more time to study it. All because we learn about institutions absolutely everything: analyze forums, make sure that complaints are objective, study mediation sites and reviews.

Our goal is to gather reliable information about casino and give it the assessment it deserves.

How to choose an honest online casino

Certainly, choosing a really safe and honest online casino for the game is not an easy task, as there are too many unscrupulous establishments operating without a license. They tend to cheat on players and often fail to pay winnings. Today in Runet there are so many that it is almost impossible to choose an honest online casino on your own. That is why we have created our own online casino rating, which we believe works honestly. When creating the rating of verified Internet casinos we took into account many points. We believe that top online casinos should have the following qualities:

  • Accept players from your country.  If you win in an online casino that does not accept players from Russia, in this case the account will be blocked and the money will not be paid. Therefore, we recommend to carefully study the conditions of the online casino before the start of the game to avoid possible unpleasant situations;
  • Work according to the license Play only in licensed casinos. The document must be issued by a respected licensing authority. We strongly recommend requesting a license from the casino operator or finding the relevant document on the official casino website before the game begins. Remember it 's not safe to play in a casino that works without a license;
  • Have excellent reputation Do not be full and allocate time to study several ratings of online casinos in several sources. Choose only the best online casino, which occupies the top lines in several lists at once. If several information sites believe that this gaming casino is worthy of the top lines, it speaks about many things;
  • Offer a large range of games If the casino offers only a few slot machines, it suggests that it is not aimed at long work with players, therefore it is not safe to play here. Moreover, it is not uncommon for such casinos to turn out to be "one-day." A good online casino with money will offer a wide selection of games and will satisfy the requests of even the most avid player;
  • To earn much Yeah, yeah, that shouldn 't scare you. The institution 's high income suggests that the casino has money and is able to pay the player a large win, which is very important. It is not uncommon for a player to break a large stake in a new virtual casino, and the casino claims that such a large payment is beyond his means. Therefore, it will not be unnecessary to provide income certificates of the selected casino;
  • Solve complaints of players Honest online casinos interact with their players and always try to solve their problems. If the casino does not respond to the player 's reports of problems and does not participate in their resolution, it indicates a low interest of the institution in its players. Top online casinos with good performance and bonuses you will find on our list.

These are just some of the criteria we take into account when creating a rating. If we find out that an institution ceases to meet these criteria, we remove it from our white list of casinos with a good reputation.

What We Consider When Rating Casinos

Everything is important to us! But there are criteria that are particularly important for the establishment to be ranked in the TOP 5 online casinos.

What We Consider When Rating Casinos

  1. Our team carefully studies player feedback. Who if not the players tell the whole truth about the casino? Playing ourselves is a bad idea, because we would have to play for real money in every casino, and there are hundreds of thousands of them! The only difficulty is finding out the objectivity of the complaints. It is not uncommon for players to complain without merit or emotion, so when creating a list of ТОП-10 best casinos, we not only take into account feedback, but review each case.
  2. We pay attention to the number of visitors. If the official casino site has high traffic, it indicates its popularity among players. A bad casino won 't be in such demand.
  3. The quality of support is important to us. If the player has any difficulty, he should be helped. Our TOP online casino for real money includes only those casinos that have passed our test for the quality of work of operators.

How do I choose an online casino?

It is important to understand that playing in the first casino is not the best idea. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, pay attention to the feedback of the players, check the availability of the license and evaluate the work of the support service. When choosing a good online casino, find out whether it accepts players from your country, what its payment terms, minimum withdrawal amount, verification documents, player requirements, etc. Only then start the game.

  • Can I win at an online casino? You can, but the odds are not great. Even if you manage to win some amount, it still needs to be recouped. Only after a successful game will you be able to display your winnings. However, playing a casino is not worth the money, but the pleasure.
  • How is it right to play online casinos? The right game in an online casino is a game on a "sober" head. Do not invest in the game last money or play in a bad mood, otherwise the outcome of the game will not be satisfactory. Play only in a good mood and invest only free money. Refrain from playing debt!
  • How do I win at an online casino? There are many strategies that guarantee gains. They can be found on almost every gambling site, but this information cannot be believed. Remember that there is no system that guarantees a positive result. Winning a casino is always a pure accident and a complete lack of any guarantee. Play not for the sake of income, but for the pleasure of the process!
  • Are there honest internet casinos? Certainly and. But among the huge number of institutions it is extremely difficult to recognize them. That is why there are different ratings.

The rating of the best online casinos of 2020 will be found on the website. TOP licensed online casinos for real money are represented in our reviews.

For starters, online casinos are not a place to earn money. However, if you are only interested in profit, take this matter seriously. Develop your own game strategy, carefully calculate the budget, and do not make decisions in a balanced manner. It will take a huge amount of time and patience to make gambling the main sources of income.

  • How to beat Internet casino? In properly designed slots running on a random number generator, it is theoretically impossible to win. They are all designed in such a way that the probability of winning will always be on the casino side. Nevertheless, there are cases of major gains, but it is again banal luck. It can be concluded that there is no way to beat the casino.
  • What is online casino? Today there are many online casinos, but they are all different. Casinos are mobile, anonymous, as well as casinos for hyrollers, Bitcoin casinos and many others.
  • How do I withdraw money from my online casino account? Before you withdraw funds, you must meet your PayPal requirements, and you will be able to request a withdrawal in any way convenient to you - electronic wallet, bank transfer, prepaid card, etc. The processing time of transactions depends on the payment method and can be up to 7-10 days. However, each casino has its own input and withdrawal conditions, and each player is obliged to study this topic even before the game starts with real money.
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