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Slot Guide: Slot Machines A to Z

Slots are the most popular kind of online game. Surprisingly, the rules of this game have not changed since 1899, when the first slot machine was assembled. The rules are simple: the player bets and rotates a set of drums with symbols. At the moment, the mechanical randomness of stopping the reels has been replaced by a random number generator. In fact, it 's a computer that works on a random principle. Nevertheless, randomization in slots has some very interesting nuances, and it is important for every advanced player to know about them.

As game machines work

In general, slots did not change in any way: for display of results in them drums with a set of some characters are still used. In spite of the fact that the result of rotation is generated by the computer, slot drums which is from 3 to 5 stop in absolutely accidental situation. Really, why to change that, as so not bad works?

Let's try to understand as the random number generator works. All slots from eminent game providers work at base of a random number generator (RNG). Therefore, the outcome of a game depends only on it that means that in slots there is practically no logic. It is possible to draw a conclusion that prize probability is proved by nothing unless banal good luck. Moreover, the result of a game does not depend on the previous prizes or defeats at all. It is gambling in pure form. It is worth believing in good luck.

Certainly, RNG generates thousands of random numbers every second and, on the one hand, you will be able to affect result of a next round, having clicked one second later. However, it is worth understanding that in this case chances are simply scanty. Thus, justice of randomness remains.

As game machines work

What myths about them exist

Together with high popularity about slots rumors and tales go. They are extended, as a rule, by those, someone never played slots, or faced failures during the games. Now, when we told about the principle of work of slots, it is time to dispel about them the most widespread myths.

Slots have a cycle of advantageous combinations. Therefore, you can watch them and join in a game at the advantageous moment

In general, slots did not change in any way: for display of results in them drums with a set of some characters are still used. In spite of the fact that the result of rotation is generated by the computer, slot drums which is from 3 to 5 stop in absolutely accidental situation. Really, why to change that, as so not bad works?

If in the game machine there are not enough money, the player will not be able to receive a big prize

This silliest statement. First, it can be related only to traditional game machines which can directly be touched. This statement was justified when players took away the prizes in the most game machine, but not online. But it is possible to assume, as then it was only the myth. Even if you will manage to win the large sum in the slot what we doubt, you should receive it what we too strongly doubt.

Manual impact on the lever in automatic machines gives more chances, than clicking the button

Those who at least once played the real game machines for certain know that these manipulations do not make any sense. The reason all same is result of a game on game machines depends only on a random number generator. No mathematics, and, especially, any strategy, will help.

Whether it is possible to win on slots?

Certainly and. But you should realize all possible risks and to be ready to the fact that you will be left without money. You should not get into debt, of course, but and they do not frighten someone. We recommend to begin a game with planning of the budget. Determine the sum of money which you are ready to spend and do not put more at all. Pay attention to dispersion of the game machine. The dispersion is higher, the it is more than chances of a prize. There are several receptions which will help to increase dispersion of the slot.

First, seize the opportunity to double a prize. Secondly, change the number of advantageous lines to one and increase the rate size. But anyway you should not hope for a big prize.

As earn online casino

Online casinos prosper only at the expense of players who lose. Game machines are developed in such a way that randomness of a game though fair, but there are no long-term perspectives in it. Cases and frequent failures of casino in payments are frequent. The reasons can be any: violation of conditions, self-exception of child casinos, problems with check of the personality. Therefore before beginning a game in this or that casino, we recommend to get acquainted with responses of players.

Councils and cunnings at a game in slots

Before giving to you advice, remember that chances of a prize in slots is insignificant are small. If carries — you will win if is not present — you will be left with nothing. Nevertheless there are ways to minimize risks.

01. Do not do rates which reduce payment percent

The majority of slots have identical percent of payments (RTP) for all types of rates. Nevertheless there are those which considerably reduce indicators of certain rates. These are, as a rule, predecessors of traditional game machines. In this case you always should select other type of a rate.

Example: The rate to all 3 advantageous lines costs 2 cents, and the rate to 1 advantageous line costs 1 cent. It is obvious that in the first case not so favorable rate, and its RTP will be extremely low. Therefore, it is better to select a rate in 2 cents.

03. Reduce количест advantageous lines

If to set only one advantageous line instead of ten, then it is possible to increase dispersion of the slot at 5-10 times. Did you know about it? When you put 2 dollars to one line, you will be able to receive much more big prize than if you rely on all 10 lines. There is one nuance: this reception does not suit hayroller (to those who play for high stakes) as the maximum rate is, as a rule, limited.

02. Use function of doubling for increase in dispersion

We already spoke about this function above. It gives to the player the chance to double the prize to 50%. In some slots (for example, from Novomatic) it is possible to double a prize several times. As function increases dispersion of a game, you have an opportunity to receive several small prizes or smaller quantity of prizes of the bigger size.

Example: you can win 40 times on 1 dollar for each game. However, if you use this function three times, then will be able to win 5 times on 8 dollars for a game. The expected prize in both cases though identical, but in some cases prizes can be much bigger.

04. Do not spend time for strategy

There are tens of strategy which promise that you will achieve success and you will be able to foresee a game outcome. It sounds perfectly, but, unfortunately, not so. The matter is that slots do not work on any patterns. As we already mentioned earlier, everything solves a random number generator which is controlled by nobody and is obviously programmed on advantage in favor of online casino. Therefore, no strategy will help to increase chances of a prize, to deceive casino — even less so. All hope for good luck!